The Cast of The Dave Glover Show


The Dave Glover Show has been driving St. Louis home for over 14 years. Unafraid to discuss virtually any topic, you'll hear Dave and crew's unique perspective on current events, news and politics, and anything and everything in between.

Time after time, you'll find yourself laughing your way through drive-time traffic, nodding your head in agreement with Dave, Max, Mark , or Tony, and feeling like you finally have a crew you can relate to ready and waiting to start yet another gut-busting conversation at 3pm each day.

Dave felt so strongly about FreedomID DIRECT that he created his own product - THE GOLD GLOVE. Just click on the product below and use the special PROMO CODE that Dave gives his listeners.

Dave Glover

Talk Radio Show Host, The Glover Show 97.1FM KMOV

The Gold "Glove"

  • LIVE Expert Identity Fraud Resolution Service
  • Lost Wallet/Document Replacement
  • Expense Reimbursement Coverage ($25,000 Aggregate)
  • Fraudulent Withdrawals ($25,000 Aggregate) Insurance
  • Unlimited Service Guarantee
  • Reduced Credit Card Offers
  • Black Market Monitoring
  • Credit Card Monitoring
  • Bank & Investment Account Monitoring
  • Web Identity Monitoring
  • News, Reminders and Alerts


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