Monthly LifeStages PLUS Family Identity Theft Coverage w/ PII Monitoring

The LifeStages PLUS Family Identity Theft Coverage Plan includes all the great features of our popular LifeStages base family identity theft coverage plan plus much more. The LifeStages PLUS identity theft coverage plan offered for just $14.99/mo. from FreedomID Direct adds identity theft monitoring service for your entire family, along with added document replacement coverage and additional benefits.

With LifeStages PlUS identity theft coverage, receive:

  • LIVE Expert Identity Fraud Resolution Service
  • Lost Wallet/Document Replacement
  • Expense Reimbursement coverage ($100,000 Aggregate)
  • Fraudulent Withdrawals ($100,000 Aggregate) Insurance
  • Our Unlimited Service Guarantee
  • Reduced Credit Card Offers
  • Black Market Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Credit Card Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Bank & Investment Account Identity Theft Monitoring Service
  • Web Identity Theft Monitoring
  • News, Reminders and Alerts from FreedomID Direct


If you purchase the LifeSTAGES Plus or Platinum plan you will
receive an email within 24 business hours to set up
your monitoring. This email will come from
the IDT 911 Resolution Center Support Team.

Protect You & Your Family w/ A Industry-Leading Identity Theft Monitoring Service

With FreedomID Direct’s LifeStages PLUS identity theft coverage, you can rest assured that you and your family members are protected in the event of fraud.

Our identity theft monitoring service watches your accounts, the web and the black market to pinpoint fraud and take control of the situation before it grows into a serious issue. LifeStages Plus provides peace of mind at a fraction of the competition’s cost.

Enjoy our base LifeStages product offerings included with your LifeStages PLUS membership:

  • Unlimited Expert Fraud Resolution and Identity Restoration Coverage
  • Lost/Stolen Document Replacement
  • $100k Aggregate Out-of-Pocket Expense & Electronically Stolen Funds Reimbursement*
  • Personal Devices Assist
  • Monthly News, Alerts and Reminders from FreedomID Direct
  • Access to the FreedomID Direct Knowledge Center providing customers with a wealth of information they can use to educate themselves about identity theft and learn how to better protect themselves
  • Proactive Services

Be Smart and Be Ready with Freedom ID Direct. Purchase your LifeStages PLUS membership online & explore all our identity theft coverage plans starting at just $6.99/mo.


*See Policy for details.

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