Just the Facts.....

For the last 15 years, protection from identity theft has become a major issue worldwide. The statistics tell the story of a global crime industry that is growing every day. The experts have repeatedly stated that you cannot prevent identity theft from happening., However, you can have solid identity theft protection services behind you if  you do become the next victim. 

According to a recent Gallup Poll, people are more fearful of becoming a victim of identity fraud than of any other crime. Gallup.com

The Identity Theft Resource Center states there were 750 announced data leaks in 2015, and all tallied, 178 million records were lost or stolen.Credit.com

Nearly 122 million healthcare records were stolen during 264 reported breaches, the most of any industry, the ITRC reports. Credit.com

The IRS has filed an amended statement on the ‘Get Transcript’ hack — which reports that 700,000 U.S. taxpayer accounts were accessed or targeted, and 47 million transcripts have been ordered to date. Forbes.com

Tax-refund fraud is expected to soar again this tax season (2015), and hit a whopping $21 billion by 2016, from just $6.5 billion two years ago, according to the Internal Revenue Service. - CNBC.com.